Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice is fully engaged in the fight to stop a lame duck TPP.  We have purchased 2,000 NO TPP signs that we want to make available to activists everywhere.  The signs are about 50 cents/piece and to recover printing costs and shipping costs we are asking for suggested donations.  Shipping time is about three days unless you need it sooner.

To order signs, contact John Laesch ( / 630.878.7454 or on Facebook).

We prefer that you order a  minimum of 10 signs. (Organize a rally at the office of your member of Congress.)  If you need a smaller number, call John Laesch to negotiate.

Donations can be made via check (address below) or by filling out the form below  Please understand that this is not an automated ordering system.  If you send a check,  you still have to send John an e-mail with your address.

Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice

PO Box 3

Geneva, IL 60134

Suggested donations

10 signs – $10

25 signs – $30.95

50 signs – $38.45

100 signs – $68.75

200 signs – $118.75

You can also download and print your own signs by downloading this file.  These signs are 18×18 squares, the same kind used at the DNC.  They are folded twice into a 9×9 square, a design by Clem Balanoff that makes them easy to take into events undetected – a perfect way to get your message across and not get stopped by the censors.