Rauner protest March 6th 2015
Black Friday Protests 2014
We Supported Workers This Week

Lasalle street tax sign-on letter for legislators

LST-Legislator-sign-on-letter PDF Governor Rauner, As elected representatives of the people of Illinois, we express our outrage at your proposed “Turnaround Agenda” for Illinois, including proposed budget cuts. The Agenda would slash funding for programs that are vital for Illinois communities and individuals. We are deeply disturbed by the callous disregard for the well‐being of Illinois’… Continue Reading

Taxing Finance – the Importance of an FTT

Why should finance be taxed? There are several good arguments. First, there is the issue of justice: the financial sector was the driver of the 2008 financial panic and subsequent Great Recession. They should pay. Second, there is the Willie Sutton argument –we face significant revenue shortfall and the financial sector is “where the money… Continue Reading

We Supported Workers This Week

Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice participated in the fight for $15 dollars an hour and a union for fast food workers on September 4th. We also joined in solidarity on September 5th with the newly organized mechanics of Al Piemonte’s Chevrolet in East Dundee, Illinois. They are on strike fighting for their first contract. All… Continue Reading

Support Single-payer Healthcare

As the AFL-CIO prepares for its quadrennial convention September 8-11 in Los Angeles, a number of unions have gone public to expose the new stresses that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) places on their ability to negotiate decent healthcare for their members and retirees. This is particularly true for union-supported Taft Hartley Funds, long the… Continue Reading

A Better Illinois

Join Northern Illinois Jobs With Justice and A Better Illinois in fighting for good jobs, education, healthcare, and a striving middle class.   What is A Better Illinois’ mission? The people and organizations of A Better Illinois are working to restore our state’s commitment to accountability, fairness and a strong middle class. Accountability. We need a… Continue Reading