The 2012 elections are over, and the American people have spoken. They voted for strengthening the working class and putting people back to work—not for job-killing budget cuts and attacks on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Voters rejected cutting health care and education to pay for tax breaks for the rich.

As Congress faces urgent budget decisions over the next two months, policymakers must keep the election results in mind and resist budget cuts that slow our economy and hurt families. The best way to reduce the deficit is to put people back to work and get our economy going again.

The only way we can stop the assault on our social safety net is to make our voices heard in the halls of Congress. We need to call, write, and meet with our elected officials to demand:

  • No more tax cuts for the richest 2% of Americans.
  • No benefit cuts for Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Yes to jobs and economic security for all.

Ready to make your voice heard? Download our tool kit:

To help you get your message to Congress, we’ve put together this tool kit for you:

via Tool kit: Tell your Congress Members to support a Fair Deal, not a Grand Bargain | Jobs With Justice.

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