Photo: Jesse Jackson Arrested at Bainport
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Bain Capital — the company that made millions for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney — bought the profitable Sensata auto sensor manufacturer in 2006. For months, Bain has been forcing Sensata’s 170 Freeport workers — some of whom have worked for the factory for decades — to dismantle their machines and train Bain’s Chinese replacement workers, who will earn a fraction of the union workers in Freeport. Northern Illinois Jobs With Justice supports the Sensata workers’ battle for decent benefits — and that battle has escalated, with more than a dozen arrests at the plant just this week alone. Say no to offshoring of living wage jobs and Bain’s predatory outsourcing policies! Support the Sensata workers — sign their petition  and check out their website to learn more and get involved.
Article by: Chris Geovanis

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