For the first time in the 50 years of the corporation, Walmart associates went on strike at several stores in Pico Rivera, California, to protest the company’s illegal attempts to silence them.We can’t let Walmart cover this up. Sign up to stay in the loop on what’s up at Walmart.Today’s historic strike is the latest in a flood of recent worker-led protests in the Walmart supply chain. From its suppliers to its warehouses to the stores themselves, workers at Walmart are fed up with being silenced: In June, a brave group of guest workers went on strike to expose forced labor at Walmart supplier C.J.’s Seafood in Louisiana. After a failed effort to cover it up, Walmart ultimately suspended its contract with the supplier and was fined nearly $250,000. In September, warehouse workers in the Inland Empire in California, went on strike after some of these workers were suspended for bringing their concerns to management. A few days later, warehouse workers in Elwood, Illinois, went on strike to protest illegal retaliation from Walmart when several workers were fired two days after bringing a lawsuit against the company for non-payment for all hours worked, paying less than the minimum wage and non-payment of overtime worked.The momentum is building across the country as workers take a stand against the largest employer in the world whose practices are lowering job standards in industries across the globe. We’re ready to step up our campaign to improve working conditions for Walmart workers across the supply chain – but we can’t do it without you.

via Jobs with Justice.

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